Intensive Practical Training on African Food Processing, Packaging & Documentation for Local and Export Market

This is another business that has not been taped in Nigeria and needs to be explored by entrepreneurs and investors who are looking for new opportunity.

African Food processing and packaging is another facet of food business to look out for this year.

Our aim is to empower people on opportunities around which they can tap into in order to generate more income, become independent and even employ others.

packaged food

Food processing simply means to process food from its raw form into more marketable form.

For instance picking beans, packaging and preservation of vegetable for exportation, frying and packaging garri, grinding beans into powder for beans cake and moi-moi etc.

Participants learn how to safely and efficiently complete food preparation and packaging under the direct supervision of an instructor, an experienced production manager, and an on-site full-time Inspector.

Food Processing & Packaging Skills Training provides individuals with necessary skills required to start a profitable food processing and packaging business.

Participants are trained in proper food handling with particular emphasis on food safety, sanitation, handling, and international standards as set forth by guidelines and materials.

packaged african food
packaged african food

While engaged in the training Individuals have the opportunity to gain hands-on work experience in Feco Foods’ Production Facility.

Under the supervision of the instructor and production manager, individuals observe and participate in all aspects of the food-service operation from checking in food shipments to operating packaging equipment, as well as shipping and logistics.

The Training Will Practically Cover the Following Areas:


  • Understanding Entrepreneurship and Qualities of an Entrepreneur
  • A Practical Guide on Writing an Achievable Food Processing and Packaging Business Plan
  • Basic Principles of African Food Processing and Packaging
  • Introduction to Over 50 Local Foodstuff that can be Processed and Packaged
  • Detailed View on Product Sourcing
  • African Food Processing Facility Inspections
  • Sanitation Standards for Producing Food Packaging Materials
  • Packaging Material Traceability
  • Factors for Packaging Consideration
  • Plastic, Metal, Glass, Nylon and Paper Packaging Materials And Coatings on them
  • Ingredient and Nutritional Labeling
  • Packaging and Labeling  for NAFDAC and US FDA compliance
  • Modern Food Labels Requirement: Trade name, Barcode, QR Code etc.
  • Food Laboratory Analysis


  • “Food Grade” Raw Materials

  • Intensive Practical Raw material sourcing/processing/packaging of the following African foodstuff products:

  • Melon Seeds

  • Ogbono

  • Crayfish

  • Prawns/Shrimps

  • Spices

  • Palm Oil

  • Raw Honey

  • Ofada Rice

  • Beans

  • Bean powder

  • Dry pepper

  • Yam Flour, Plantain Flour, Cassava flour, Garri

  • Cashew nut, Groundnut

  • Smoked Fish

  • Fresh and Dried Vegetable

PROJECT 1: Design and Printing of Standard Food Label for any Food Product of your Choice

PROJECT 2: Sourcing, Processing and Packaging of any two Food Products of your choice


  • Requirements for Setting up a Cottage Factory

  • CAC Business Registration Requirements

  • Trademark Registration Requirements

  • NEPC Registration Requirements

  • Food Quality and Safety Regulatory Bodies, their Duties and Requirements (NAFDAC, FIIRO, SON, NIS, FDA)

  • Food Legislations, Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Affordable Options for Obtaining Functional Barcode and QR Code

  • Introduction to Various Production Equipment

  • Packaging Machines and present Cost of Acquiring them

  • Product Manufacturing Equipment Requirements

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Packaging Materials and Sourcing them

  • Product Production Cost Analysis

  • Food Safety Management

  • Production Safety Management

  • Workers Safety Management

  • Risk Management in Food Processing and Packaging Business


  • Basic Principles of Products Marketing

  • Utilizing Modern Marketing Tools and Technologies

  • How to Develop a Marketing Plan for your Products

  • Understanding Marketing Processes

  • Marketing Planning Process

  • Customer Relationship Management Plan

  • Step-by-step Marketing Planning System

  • Building an SEO Website

  • E-commerce for your business

  • Developing Email Marketing Plan for your business

  • How to use Facebook, Instagram

  • Twitter and WhatsApp To Generate Massive Sales For Your Products

  • Create Google My Business

  • How to run Free E-mail Marketing Campaign with Gmail

  • Build Landing Page for your business.

  • Sourcing Local and International Buyers of your Products

  • How to Write Contract Winning Proposals

PROJECT 3: Visit to Packaging Materials Markets and Factories

PROJECT 4: Development of a Constructive Proposal and Functional Website for Intending Food Business

COST ₦ 125,000---DURATION---8 WEEKS---DAY :: Thursday & Friday (10 am to 5 pm)
WEEKEND:: Saturday & Sunday (11: 30 am to 5:30 pm)

What Will I Learn and Benefits?

  1. Accelerate your company registration with CAC

  2. Export Licence (NEPC Certificate) Registration

  3. FDA (USA) Registration

  4. Access to Contact Details of over 235 verified African food stores abroad

  5. Access to Contact Details of over 150 verified African restaurants abroad

  6. Source for Prospective Buyers Overseas through the Internet

  7. Learn how to Identify Genuine Serious Buyers (Avoid Time Waster)

  8. Visitations to Major Foodstuff Wholesale Markets in Lagos State

  9. Identifying Quality Products for Processing and Packaging

  10. Pricing Techniques used in Local Market Raw Products Sourcing

  11. Source, Process and Package any three Food Products

  12. Design and Print Standard Food Labels

  13. Free Packaging Materials for your first production

  14. Best Packaging Pattern for various Foodstuff Products

  15. Free Private Label Service using our production facilities

  16. Advanced and Special Training on finding Genuine Buyers

  17. Create Website and Digital Marketing plan for your business

  18. Free Posting of Your Products on African Foods Global Market

  19. Personal Consultancy on Your Products

  20. Secrets for Exporting Foodstuff Via Courier, Sea or Air

  21. Learn how to find and work with registered Freight Forwarding Agents

  22. Detect and Avoid International Trade Scams and Fraudulent Importers.

  23. Free Tea Break and Lunch


  • DAY