We added all the training  [Digital Marketing for Agribusiness, Food Processing and Packaging, Starting and Managing Export Business in Nigeria] devoted to help you kick-start your profitable businesses at low cost.

African food export
digital marketing for Agribusiness


The training is 85% practical based, One-on-one Approach, comprehensive, jam-packed with profit oriented and growth hacking strategies, self-paced, step-by-step guide, Complete 14 Real Projects!

We want to create a full business support system so we added more amazing benefits, The Projects are specifically designed to help you grow your business quickly



Digital Marketing Overview

  • A brief overview about digital marketing and all relevant set of activities:
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Local SEO – Google My Business
    • Search Engine Marketing – Google AdWords
    • Display Advertising – Contextual | Behavioral | Targeted
      • Google AdWords
      • Facebook
      • LinkedIn
      • YouTube
    • Content Marketing & Blogging
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Lead Generation
      • Marketing Offer – Attractive / Relevaner – Attractive / Relevant Offer
      • Landing Page – Offer’s details with form
      • Conversion Page – Thank you page
    • Email Marketing – using, mail chimp, Gmail
    • Video Marketing – YouTube
    • Responsive Design

Google Analytics

Website Creation

  • Understanding about Internet, websites , domain , web server , web hosting etc.
  • Planning of a website
  • HTML Basic
  • About CMS and creating website in
  • WordPress
  • Website Optimization

Google AdWords – Search Engine Marketing

  • Setting up Google AdWords Campaigns
  • Content Structuring
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Finding and selecting the right Keywords
  • Keywords Matching Options
  • Campaign Setup procedure
  • Ads and Ad Groups
  • Organizing Ad Groups
  • Creating Effective Ads
  • Optimizing Landing Pages
  • Bid Management
  • Negative Keywords
  • Analytics – Measure and fine-tune
  • Remarketing Campaigns – How to configure, Setup and Monitor them?
  • YouTube Video Ad Campaigns

Google My Business

  • What is Google My Business
  • Check to see if you have Google My Business
  • Accessing Google My Business
  • Explanation of Google My Business dashboard
  • How to set-up Google My Business & keep it fresh
  • Customer Interaction
  • Google My Business the future

Social Media Marketing

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

  • Latest Social Media Statistics & Figures
  • Social Media Questionnaire
  • Social Media Situation Analysis
  • Social Media Macro Strategy Setting
  • Macro Strategy Setting Hands On Exercise
  • Editorial Calendar Hands On Exercise

Introduction to Facebook

  • The Benefits of using Facebook Marketing
  • Facebook Content Type Vs. Marketing objective achieved
  • Facebook Content Marketing Best Practices
  • Setting a Facebook Content Strategy
  • Moderation & Reputation Management

Facebook Advertising

  • Introduction to Facebook Advertising
  • Business Manager & multiple page managing
  • The ad manager and its features
  • Ad formats & Networks
  • Hands On Facebook Advertising Exercise

Introduction to LinkedIn

  • Best Practices for using LinkedIn
  • Personal & Corporate LinkedIn Pages
  • Advertising On Linked & ad formats
  • Setting your editorial calendar for LinkedIn
  • Hands On LinkedIn Advertising Exercise

Instagram & Twitter

  • Introduction to Instagram
  • Instagram Best Practices
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Twitter Best Practices
  • Advertising On Twitter
  • Tools: Hoot Suite & Tweet Deck

Introduction to Google+ & Blogging

  • Introduction to Google +
  • Google+ Best Practices
  • The Content Process
  • Introduction to Blogging
  • Blogging Best Practices
  • Introduction to Slide share, Pintrest & Snapchat

Measurement & Optimization

  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Introduction to Facebook insights
  • General Social Media Reports overview
  • Optimization Techniques

Email Marketing and Leads Nurturing

• Rules & legal requirements including GDPR
• Setting Objectives and measurable targets
• Email marketing strategies
• How to structure your campaigns
• Email Scheduling & Rotation
• List building & purchase

• Best Practice in the use of the From field
• How to write effective Subject lines
• Creating content your audience wants

Email Content
• Setting up email campaigns
• Wireframing the layout
• Effective copywriting for email marketing
• Punctuation and tone
• Creating graphics and editing images
• Proofing and referencing

• Viewing the reports
• Monitoring Clicks and Conversions
• Google Analytics Email Reports

Landing Pages
• How to build landing pages that convert
• Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google Analytics – Track your success

Gain the techniques required to get the best possible return on the investment you have already made in your web site design, search engine optimization and marketing campaigns.

  • Google Analytics Overview
  • Understanding Google Analytics Dashboard
  • Taking decisions based on Analytics Report
  • Integrating Google Analytics with Google Search Console
  • Tracking SEO-based Traffic and Keywords
  • Connect Google Analytics with Google AdWords)
  • Tracking Google AdWords campaigns’ performance and optimization
  • Tracking Social Media Traffic
  • Tracking other online marketing campaigns’ performance
  • Defining Business Goals and Objectives
  • Measuring your Site’s ROI
  • Introduction to Goal Conversion
  • Google Tag Manager


  • Understanding Entrepreneurship and Qualities of an Entrepreneur
  • A Practical Guide on Writing an Achievable Food Processing and Packaging Business Plan
  • Basic Principles of Food Processing and Packaging
  • Introduction to Over 50 Local Foodstuff that can be Processed and Packaged
  • Detailed View on Product Sourcing
  • Food Processing Facility Inspections
  • Sanitation Standards for Producing Food Packaging Materials
  • Packaging Material Traceability
  • Factors for Packaging Consideration
  • Plastic, Metal, Glass, Nylon and Paper Packaging Materials And Coatings on them
  • Ingredient and Nutritional Labeling
  • Packaging and Labeling  for NAFDAC and US FDA compliance
  • Modern Food Labels Requirement: Trade name, Barcode, QR Code etc.
  • Food Laboratory Analysis

PROJECT 1:  Design and Printing of Standard Food Label for any Food Product of your Choice


  • Food Grade” Raw Materials

  • Intensive Practical Raw material sourcing/processing/packaging of the following African foodstuff products:

  • Melon Seeds

  • Ogbono

  • Crayfish

  • Prawns/Shrimps

  • Spices

  • Palm Oil

  • Raw Honey

  • Ofada Rice

  • Beans

  • Bean powder

  • Dry pepper

  • Yam Flour, Plantain Flour, Cassava flour, Garri

  • Cashew nut, Groundnut

  • Smoked Fish

  • Fresh and Dried Vegetable

PROJECT 2: Sourcing, Processing and Packaging of any two Food Product of your choice


  • Requirements for Setting up a Cottage Factory

  • CAC Business Registration Requirements

  • Trademark Registration Requirements

  • NEPC Registration Requirements

  • Food Quality and Safety Regulatory Bodies, their Duties and Requirements (NAFDAC, FIIRO, SON, NIS, FDA)

  • Food Legislations, Hygiene and Sanitation

  • Affordable Options for Obtaining Functional Barcode and QR Code

  • Introduction to Various Production Equipment

  • Packaging Machines and present Cost of Acquiring them

  • Product Manufacturing Equipment Requirements

  • Good Manufacturing Practices

  • Packaging Materials and Sourcing them

  • Product Production Cost Analysis

  • Food Safety Management

  • Production Safety Management

  • Workers Safety Management

  • Risk Management in Food Processing and Packaging Business

PROJECT 3: Visit to Packaging Materials Markets and Factories


  • Basic Principles of Products Marketing

  • Utilizing Modern Marketing Tools and Technologies

  • How to Develop a Marketing Plan for your Products

  • Understanding Marketing Processes

  • Marketing Planning Process

  • Customer Relationship Management Plan

  • Step-by-step Marketing Planning System

  • Building an SEO Website

  • E-commerce for your business

  • Developing Email Marketing Plan for your business

  • How to use Facebook, Instagram

  • Twitter and WhatsApp To Generate Massive Sales For Your Products

  • Create Google My Business

  • How to run Free E-mail Marketing Campaign with Gmail

  • Build Landing Page for your business.

  • Sourcing Local and International Buyers of your Products

  • How to Write Contract Wining Proposals

PROJECT 4: Development of a Constructive Proposal and Functional Website for Intending Food Business

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ON HOW TO EXPORT::Cashew Nuts, Ginger, Cassava Chips, Hibiscus Flower, Cotton, Shea Nuts, Shea Butter, Bitter Kola, Kola Nut, Charcoal, Beeswax, Sesame Seeds, Cocoa Beans, Moringa Plant & Seeds, Palm Kernel Shells (PKS), Palm Kernel Oil (PKO), Honey, Iron Ore, Columbite Wolframite And Tantalite, Bitumen, Limestone, Lead/Zinc, Granite, Kaolin, Gemstone, Charcoal

  1. Understanding Export Process and Requirements
  2. Introduction to Small Scale Export
  3. Accessing Opportunities Within the Export Value Chain
  4. Export Product Classification
  5. The ABC of Foodstuffs Export to Overseas
  6. Introduction to Over 30 Exportable Nigerian Food Products
  7. Export Prohibition List
  8. Exportable Food Products and Destination
  9. Foodstuff Export International Standards
  10. Sourcing for Prospective Buyers Overseas through the Internet & how to identify Genuine Serious Buyers
  11. Best Packaging Pattern for Foodstuff Products to Oversea Countries
  12. Insider’s Secrets for Exporting Foodstuff Via Courier, Sea or Air
  13. Detecting and Avoiding International Trade Scams and Fraudulent Importers.
  14. Where to Source Products Locally
  15. Food Products Registration Requirements for Export Market (NEPC, FDA etc.)
  16. Handling Export Process and Paper Work
  17. Mitigating Export Risks
  18. Quality Control in Commodity Market
  19. Securing Export Financing
  20. Understanding Payment Methods
  21. Payment Methods and Payment Terms in Export
  22. Costing and Pricing of Export Products
  23. Export Digital Marketing Fundamental, Research, Strategy and Planning
  24. Social Media Marketing and Online Advertisement for Export
  25. Securing Foodstuff Contracts
  26. Getting Paid by Overseas Buyers
  27. Starting Foodstuff Export Business with Little Capital
  28. Export Documentation
  29. Transportation, Shipment and Insurance
  30. Taking advantage of Duty Free Export to USA (AGOA)
  31. Contract Samples
  32. Features of Export Contract and Closing Up Export Deal
  33. Access to our Database of Genuine Foreign Food Products Buyers
  34. Writing an Attractive Food Products Supply Proposal
  35. How to run Free E-mail Campaign with Gmail, MailChimp, Quick Response etc.


Get the Real Time Live Experience 

COST ₦ 250,000---DURATION---12 WEEKS---DAY :: Thursday & Friday (10 am to 5 pm)
WEEKEND:: Saturday & Sunday (11: 30 am to 5:30 pm)



What Will I Learn and My Combo Benefits?

  1. Increase Awareness, Engagement and Market share for your Products

  2. Develop Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  3. Successfully Market your Agribusiness

  4. Use keyword analysis tools to find your perfect keywords for your website.

  5. Register your domain name, web hosting and install WordPress.

  6. Configure your WordPress website settings properly.

  7. Build a Mobile and Search Engine Optimized Website for your business

  8. Start Your Own Digital Marketing Agency

  9. Develop Digital Marketing Strategies for businesses

  10. Run Effective Agri-Marketing Campaigns

  11. Install 10 must-have WordPress plugins for search engine optimization, social media sharing and website security.

  12. Create A Killer Product Portfolio

  13. Write search engine friendly post.

  14. Graphics Design with Canvas and Photoshop

  15. Choose the best WordPress theme that fits your needs.

  16. Customize your website to make it look professional.

  17. Create brand identities that clearly define your business

  18. Attract organic traffic to your website by applying on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization tactics.

  19. Drive instant traffic to your website with effective social media strategies.

  20. Create content that people love for your website in order

  21. Generate targeted traffic to your website whenever you want.

  22. Develop a conversion Landing Page

  23. Create Effective Facebook Page

  24. Build an Engagement LinkedIn Profile

  25. Run Professional Email Campaigns with Gmail Merge

  26. Create Facebook advertising campaign

  27. Build Twitter Handle for your business

  28. Create and Edit Video for YouTube

  29. Create Content and Copyright for product or service

  30. Learn 7 practical ways to monetize your website

  31. Accelerate your company registration with CAC

  32. Export Licence (NEPC Certificate) Registration

  33. FDA (USA) Registration

  34. Access to Contact Details of over 235 verified African food stores owners in abroad

  35. Access to Contact Details of over 150 verified African restaurants owners in abroad

  36. Source for Prospective Buyers Overseas through the Internet

  37. Learn how to Identify Genuine Serious Buyers (Avoid Time Wasters)

  38. Visitations to Major Foodstuff Wholesale Markets in Lagos State

  39. Identifying Quality Products for Processing and Packaging

  40. Understand Pricing Techniques used in Local Market Raw Products Sourcing

  41. Source, Process and Package any three Food Products

  42. Design and Print Standard Food Labels

  43. Free Packaging Materials for your first production

  44. Best Packaging Pattern for various Foodstuff Products

  45. Free Private Label Service using our production facilities

  46. Advanced and Special Training on finding Genuine Buyers

  47. Create Website and Digital Marketing plan for your business

  48. Free Posting of Your Products on African Foods Global Market

  49. Personal Consultancy on Your Products

  50. Secrets for Exporting Foodstuff Via Courier, Sea or Air

  51. Learn how to find and work with registered Freight Forwarding Agents

  52. Detect and Avoid International Trade Scams and Fraudulent Importers.

  53. Access a wide range of export services & export support

  54. Become Agricultural Produce and Solid Mineral Sourcing Agent

  55. Access to various locations in Nigeria where you can source all kinds of products.

  56. Join WhatsApp Group of Performing Exporters

  57. Accelerate your company registration with CAC

  58. Export Licence (NEPC Certificate) Registration

  59. Access to Database of importers of Agricultural Produce and Solid Minerals worldwide

  60. Meet up with Export regulatory standards for different countries

  61. Understand Export logistics, Haulage, Warehousing and freight forwarding

  62. Source for Prospective Importers Overseas through the Internet

  63. Learn how to Identify Genuine Importers

  64. Advanced Special Training on finding Genuine Importers

  65. Secrets for Exporting Products Via Courier, Sea or Air

  66. Export trade processes, accreditation and documentation

  67. Special Training on Terms of shipping, Freight forwarding, Letter of credit, Export finance/loans, Grants and incentives for Exports

  68. Soft Copy of all Training Documents (Videos, pdf, images, website links etc.) and Materials in CD

  69. Free Tea Break and Lunch

  70. Secured Parking Space


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